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Departmental Application for BFA Admission

*As part of this form you will select your audition/interview preference.  We generally require an in-person audition/interview for students living within 150 miles of campus.

Step 1: Personal Information

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Our current student management system only allows for Binary selections. Our department recognizes the full spectrum of gender fluidity and expression and once enrolled students are adressed according to their selected pro-nouns.
Admission to the department of Theatre & Dance is contingent upon admission to the University of Memphis.

Step 2: Contact Information

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Step 3: Program Information

What semester and year do you intend to begin studies
Which program at you applying for?
If you are not ultimately admitted to your first choice program do you plan to consider another program within the Department of Theatre & Dance at the University of Memphis?
In person auditions are required for students living within 150 miles of Memphis. Students outside this area may request a recorded audition, a phone interview (Design/Tech only), or may audition at one of our regional options. Recorded auditions should be uploaded later in this application and should include material that most closely resembles a live audition. For musical theatre applicants a recorded audition should include BOTH a monologue and song and recorded dance excerpts are encouraged. Students may submit recordings of themselves dancing in productions as long as they are clearly distinguishable from other performers.

You will receive instructions about how to complete your recorded audition or phone interview after you have completed this application and it has been reviewed by the department.  Typically this comes by email approximately one business day after the application is submitted.

Please select your in-person audition day. You must audition/interview by March 20, 2021 in order to be considered for scholarships.
The University of Memphis and the Department of Theatre & Dance adhere to a need-blind admission policy, which means that you will be considered for admission to the program on the merits of your abilities and accomplishments, not on your family's financial situation. Departmental scholarships are merit based - that is to say they are granted on the quality of the applicant as demonstrated through the application and audition. Scholarships are also need-informed - that is to say we reserve the right to award higher scholarship amounts to students with a demonstrated financial need. We make initial scholarship offers at the time of admission.
How many people depend on your family's income:
If applicable, please tell us about anything you regularly do to provide significant support for your family, either by working, by providing care for family members, or through other work that you do at home.

Step 4: Supplemental Information

Include city and state as well as the name of the school.
Statement of Purpose*
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Please submit a short essay on your general background, theatrical interest and hopes, and how you feel an education in the Department of Theatre & Dance could help you achieve these goals. Your file MUST be in PDF formation and not larger than 5MB.
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DO NOT upload recorded auditions here. You may upload any additional documents you wish us to consider as part of your applciation. Files must not be larger than 10MB.
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All applicants MUST attach a complete resumé with this application. A professional resumé is a great way to tell us a lot about your background. All resumés should include: Applicants' name, address, phone number, and email address. A list of any community service in which you have participated. A list of any work experience you have had while in school. All roles you have had, or shows your have worked on and the production company, school, or theatre for they were produced. Include both musical and straight theatre, film or television experience, and other related theatre activities. Include all school, community, and professional theatre experience. All formal training in dance, acting, music, art, and technical fields. Include particular years of classes and styles of dance studied, years of training in voice and/or other instruments, and acting classes or workshops. Related experiences such as playwriting, production work, teaching, or community service theatre that you feel completes the picture of you as a theatrical person. Files MUST be in PDF formation and not larger than 10MB.
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If you wish you may upload a photo or headshot here. Files must not be larger than 10MB.

Step 5: Recommendation

The full name of the person who will complete your recommendation letter

Step 6: Certification and Final Submission

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By choosing yes and signing my name below, I certify that all the answers I have given on this application are complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that falsification or omission of information or credentials may result in the revocation of admission. Clicking 'Yes' and signing below will constitute as my electronic signature.
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Final Submission


Use the submission button below to complete your application.  Please do not close your web-browser until your submission is complete and the confirmation page is displayed.  This may take a few moments if your uploaded documents are large or if you are using a slow connection.  You will receive a confirmation email as well.

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